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Eliminate Pest Problems Fast!
Pest Control Services by Leaf

With over 30 years of successful service behind them, Leaf Pest Control’s highly-trained technicians use the pest industry's “ Most Effective Practices” to effectively eliminate pest problems, for both residential and commercial facilities.

Effective and Safe Pest Control

When you have a pest problem, you want it taken care of quickly so you can get back to enjoying life. Leaf’s pledge is to return your peace of mind by eliminating your pest problem in a safe and efficient manner, as fast as possible.

Integrated Pest Management –
The Pest Industry’s "Best Practice"

Without getting too technical, Leaf’s highly-trained technicians employ a pest elimination procedure referred to as ‘Integrated Pest Management’ (IPM). IPM requires an intelligent decision-making process regarding the application, locations, application methods and the selection of pest control products that are best for your family and pets, and for the environment, while effectively eliminating the problem.

The IPM strategy is preferred by government health and safety agencies and consumers alike because of its reduced risk to non-target organisms, minimal intrusiveness and improved long-term results.

Whereas less-skilled exterminators often apply low-cost highly-toxic pesticides in abundance to eliminate a pest problem, Leaf’s IPM trained technicians select the best reduced toxicity, or non-toxic products that work just as well for eliminating a particular pest problem. And they back up their work with an Iron-Clad satisfaction guarantee, or your money back. See Our Guarantee Here

Providing Pest Control Services Throughout the Tri-State Area

Leaf Pest Control provides superior pest control services to homeowners throughout Western Pennsylvania and surrounding counties (in Ohio and West Virginia).

Leaf’s pest management technicians are thoroughly trained and adept at finding and safely eliminating troublesome pests, as well as the underlying causes of pest problems. Leaf’s service is tailored to your needs. Plus, Leaf’s IPM strategy covers a wide range of common pests so you are less likely to need pest control again in the future. And, IPM covers the interior as well as the exterior of your home.

Leaf Pest Control Has Thousands of Satisfied Customers

Thousands of satisfied Leaf Pest Control customers agree that Leaf knows its business. Whether it is a problem with creepy, crawly insects or a mouse in your house, Leaf Pest Control’s service is unsurpassed when it comes to safety for your family and protecting your home and furnishings. And again, all of Leaf’s pest control services have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. See Our Guarantee Here

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Are Bugs Affecting Your Business? Leaf Also Specializes in Commercial Pest Control!

Leaf’s highly-trained technicians are trained in IPM Best Practices for commercial facilities. Leaf successfully eliminates pest problems that are common all types of facilities.

Provided below is a list of our main services with links to the corresponding service page:

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