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Pest Control for Healthcare and Elder Care Facilities


Facilities that care for the health and well-being of people require the most effective and yet least toxic approach to pest management. Often this can be a significant challenge because of the diversity of services that may be offered, including acute care, emergency areas, patient rooms, food service, laundries, and storerooms. Each of these areas is attractive to various pests and provides sufficient food and harborage. More importantly, pests in these areas are a significant concern because they may spread diseases and damage expensive equipment.

Leaf’s Pest Management Approach

Leaf will thoroughly inspect all areas of the facility, interviewing facility management and staff. This inspection is designed to:

  • Identify past and current pest problems and related damage;
  • Identify conditions that are or may be contributing to pest problems;
  • Evaluate housekeeping, sanitation and facility maintenance practices which may contribute to pest infestation

Evaluation and Program Design
Based on the results of the inspection, a custom pest management program is developed that will quickly eliminate current pests and proactively stop pests from entering the facility. In addition, Pest Sighting Logs and other inspection reports and records will be designed to ensure that a complete record of services needed and completed is available to facility management.

Program and Recommendation Review
The pest management program along with recommendations relating to facility sanitation, housekeeping and maintenance will be reviewed with facility management. The purpose is to inform management about conditions that promote pest problems and make recommendations to mitigate these problems.

Initial Treatment
Leaf’s initial treatment is designed to eliminate pests. During the initial service our Technician will thoroughly inspect the facility, looking for signs of insects and rodents and harborage areas and use insecticides appropriate to the specific pests. Using the most effective and least toxic materials enhances safety. For example, the Technician may use baits and insect growth regulators, both of which are low in mammalian toxicity but highly effective. All pest activity and treatment will be fully documented so trends may be discerned and appropriate actions taken.

The Technician will also use insect and rodent sticky traps to monitor for pest invasions or determine areas infested. These will be examined for activity on each treatment trip.

Quality Assurance
Our Quality Assurance team is always on call to meet the changing needs of dynamic facilities. In addition, every six months a team member will thoroughly review the pest management program and interview facility managers and make recommendations for enhancing the pest program.

Our personnel are available to participate in health care workshops or education classes concerning sanitation, pest identification, facility maintenance relating to pests and other topics which will facilitate the pest management program.