jumping spiderJumping Spiders

Order: Araneae
Family: Salticidae
Scientific Name: Various
Color: Usually black, sometimes grey, brown or tan.
Legs: 8
Shape: Typical spider, robust, compact with relatively short legs
Size: 1/8-3/4" long
Antennae: No
Flight: No

The common name comes from their jumping ability and habit which they use to capture prey. They may jump 1" or more. They are an occasional nuisance pest indoors. About 300 species are found in the United States.

They are active during the day and are often found around windows, ceilings, walls, and other areas exposed to sunlight. These spiders move quickly in a jerky, irregular gait. They get their name from their ability to leap on their prey, often jumping many times their own body length. Like most spiders, jumping spiders have eight eyes, of which the two middle eyes are particularly large. Jumping spiders have the best vision of spiders, seeing objects up to 8 inches away. They can move rapidly both sideways and backwards for short distances.

Often found hunting around homes and barns and on fences, under loose bark and leaves. Indoors, they can frequently be found hunting around windows and doors because insects are often located there. Also, their vision is best in sunlit areas.

This spider is large enough to bite, but its bite is not dangerous except to people with severe allergies.

Vacuuming is an excellent method of control. Remove and discard vacuum cleaner bags to prevent reinfestation. To help reduce numbers entering a structure, exclude by screening vents, caulking around utility entrances and door/window frames. Pesticides application is rarely warranted.

(Source: National Pest Management Association, et. al.)