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Leaf Pest Control Consulting Services


Backed by over 30 years of hands-on experience, Leaf offers a variety of consulting services to help solve particular or difficult pest problems. We also can provide expertise and advice on sanitation, building design and maintenance and environmental issues relating to pest management and prevention. Whether it is development of sanitation schedules, installation of outdoor lighting, elimination of pest harborages (inside and outside) or a myriad of other pest-related issues, Leaf has the experience and expertise. Among the projects we have completed:

  • Reviewed current pest control practices and efficacy with recommendations for improvement;
  • Analyzed sanitation conditions and pest-related problems such as fruit flies, cockroaches, rodents and drain flies, with an image data base by facility showing the results of the initial inspection. Developed a program complying with company and health standards that ensured proper cleaning, on time, with concise reports to management;
  • Client staff training in pest management issues as it related to their specific facility and job.
  • Developed a facility maintenance program relating to pest management that was designed to assure that pest related maintenance tasks were identified, properly scheduled and completed in a timely manner with results reporting to management;
  • Developed an historical trend model for insects and rodents that allowed both predictability of population levels by specific area and the ability to spot trends in population levels so that preemptive actions could be taken. This allowed the facility to be proactive rather than reactive.
  • Developed the methodology to provide corporate management with a bi-annual analysis of multi facility sanitation, maintenance and pest management. The reports included multiple images from each facility showing current conditions with descriptions and suggestions for improvement. Management was able to view, at their office, both current and past images for comparison and use these to judge where additional actions were necessary.
Below is a list of our other Specialized Services with links to pages containing more information: