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Flying Insect Control - A Leaf Specialty


Leaf’s experience and expertise in fly control can solve even the most difficult or extensive problem, whether that fly problem is on a farm, restaurant or office setting. Flies can be more than nuisance to guests, customers and employees. They can carry diseases and contaminate food.

Beside farms (click this Agriculture link for more information on farm fly control), restaurants and businesses are concerned mostly with House Flies and Fruit Flies, both of which can be controlled using non-chemical solutions, enhancing safety for staff, guests, customers and employees.

Leaf starts with a thorough inspection of the facility to confirm the type of fly, where they are breeding and feeding and what other conditions in the facility are contributing to their continued existence. A review of housekeeping, sanitation and maintenance practices are also completed, especially looking at how garbage is handled and removed, garbage container cleaning schedules, organic matter build-up in drains and other areas, screening of exterior openings, dumpster cleanliness and location, etc.

After an analysis of our findings, Leaf will develop a plan of action that will include sanitation, housekeeping and maintenance recommendations along with the use of insect fly lights, drain cleaning and exterior surface control.

  1. Insect Fly Lights – These lights, which are approved for use in food handling and processing areas, are a valuable and highly effective tool to use in sensitive environments such as restaurants…when properly installed. Leaf offers a wide variety of lights in different sizes and cosmetic form, many of which could fit in pleasantly in a food service area. Leaf provides advice as to proper placement and our monthly maintenance program ensures that the lights are kept clean and that the glue board and UV light bulb are always fresh and highly effective.
  2. Drain Cleaning – Because organic (food) matter build-up in drains makes for an excellent breeding ground for fruit flies, it is essential that drains be kept clean. Of course, organic build up in floor/wall cracks, under shelves, between equipment, etc. needs to be cleaned likewise. Leaf’s microbial cleaning service will accomplish this. The microbes are non-harmful bacteria that were developed to consume oil, grease and sugars found in these common areas of build-up. With Leaf’s monthly placement of a microbial solution in built-up areas, the bio-cleaning action reduces the food sources that serve as breeding areas for fruit and drain flies.
  3. Exterior Surface Control – Each month during the outdoor fly season, Leaf treats the exterior surface areas of building experiencing house fly problems. This special residual solution first attracts the flies then kills them. The program also includes treatment around the dumpster area and other fly-attracting areas to control the fly population before they can enter the facility.
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