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New Construction Termite Pre-Treatment is a Big Benefit for New Home Buyers!


For new residential homes and commercial buildings, Leaf Pest Control can provide termite treatment before the structure is built. The major advantages are:

  • It is less expensive than treatment after the building is built,
  • Pre-construction treatment is a better quality treatment since there are fewer obstacles that prevent post-treatments from working.
  • In our area, termites are everywhere, especially in valley communities and wooded areas. In these areas the risk of a termite invasion is very high; so, treat now or treat later.
  • When termites are detected in a structure after it is built, a rough rule of thumb is that the termites have been in the structure 5-6 years. During this time they are eating wood, causing structural damage which may require repairs.

To see more information on termites Click Here For Termite Infestation Facts

Call Leaf Pest Control today for a free quote for your project. Call before construction is started.

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