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Leaf Pest Control Keeps Pests Out of Business Offices and Computer Facilities


At Leaf, we know that insect and rodent pests can be disruptive to work, whether it be damage to expensive equipment, loss of data, low employee morale, negative customer reaction or increased fire hazard. All of this can add up to loss of work time and money.

That is why Leaf does not utilize traditional pest management methods in environments such as offices, data processing centers, banks, laboratories, control rooms and other sensitive environments. To expose people and expensive equipment to traditional pesticides and methods could result in harm to both.

In these sensitive environments, Leaf utilizes Integrated Pest Management (IPM). This approach emphasizes non-chemical methods of control such as

  • Exclusion – Prevent insects and rodents from entering and eliminate inside harborages,
  • Trapping – Use insect light traps for flying insects and non-lethal traps for rodents,
  • Sanitation – Eliminate food, water and breeding sources,
  • Monitoring – Use devices to monitor for pest presence and activity,
  • Maintenance – Maintain the physical plant to keep pests outside, reduce pest harborage areas.

These methods are used before consideration of chemical controls. When chemical control is applicable and required, low impact measures such as insect growth regulators (these interrupt the insect’s growth cycle) and baits are considered first. This helps ensure that maximum control is achieved while emphasizing safety and avoiding contamination of equipment and contact with people.

Leaf also works to reduce the pressure of pests trying to get inside through our exterior perimeter protection. In addition to exclusion and maintenance, our perimeter protection uses trapping, baiting and selected environmentally friendly products to establish a barrier which prevents pests from entering the facility. This first line of defense is not only environmentally friendly, but it is non-disruptive to employees, customers or guests.

In sensitive environments and work places, Leaf Pest Control has the experience and knowledge necessary to safely eliminate pests and prevent recurrent problems.