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Leaf Residential Pest Control Services


Free Pest Inspection and Identification
Call Leaf and we will send one of our trained and experienced inspectors to your home to identify the pest causing you a problem. The inspector will evaluate your needs, taking into account children and pets, and recommend the safest and most effective treatment for the pest. After all, we want to rid your home of pests, creating a healthy environment for your family.

We will not give you an estimate. We will give you an exact cost so that you do not have to worry about whether the cost will change.

Responsive Service
Our technicians are highly trained, licensed and insured to safely apply treatments. They are adept at solving difficult pest problems. You can be assured that you will receive:

  • A quick response
  • A knowledgeable and courteous technician that takes pride in solving pest problems
  • Safe and effective service
  • An explanation of what the technician will do and why
  • Information on what you can do to help eliminate the current problem and prevent future problems
  • Guaranteed service

Guaranteed Results
Leaf’s treatments are guaranteed. 60% of our customers came to us because existing customers recommended us to their friends, family and neighbors. Ask about our guarantees when you call or ask our inspector while he is at your home. Click here to see our Guarantee.

Senior discounts are available as well as current and previous customer discounts.

  • If you currently have our services and need service for a different problem, all additional services are discounted;
  • If you have used our services in the past, let us know to get a previous customer discount;
  • If you work for a company that we currently service, you are eligible for a discount.