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Leaf's Residential Pest Control Solutions


Leaf has been providing solutions to pest problems for over 30 years. When it comes to your home and family, we believe in safety first. Of course, results are a close second.

Most of our employees have been with us for at least 10 years, enabling us to deliver consistently excellent service...guaranteed. We use the latest equipment and least toxic materials available. And through 20 hours of classroom training and an additional 20 hours per year on-the-job training, our technicians are adept at solving the most difficult of pest problems in the safest manner possible. Leaf would not be one of Western Pennsylvania’s largest pest control companies otherwise.

Whatever pests are “bugging” you, Leaf can provide the solution… as we do for thousands of customers each year.

How to Solve Your Pest Problem

Step 1: Capture
If you can, capture several of the insects in a jar or baggie. Do not squash them first…we cannot identify an insect that is a squishy blob. Don’t try to capture any insect that may be dangerous like a spider or bee or wasp!

Step 2: Identify
If you like, visit our “What Is This Bug” section and try to identify the particular insect(s). If you can’t, either bring the jar or baggie to our office for identification or call us to have an Inspector stop by your house to identify the pest(s). There is no charge for either of these services.

Step 3: Inspect
After determining exactly what the pest(s) is, determine its habits and breeding areas. Inspect those areas to determine the extent and magnitude of the problem. If you are uncertain of the insect and have asked one of our inspectors to visit, the Inspector will explain the biology to you and provide a free inspection of your home.

Step 4: Treat
Often our Inspector can recommend steps that you can take to help solve the problem. Many pest problems, however, require the help of a trained professional. Since there are often many ways of solving pest problems, our Inspector is trained and experienced in designing a treatment solution to fit your needs and budget…all with safety of your family in mind.