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Leaf Pest Control Restaurant - Food and Beverage Services


FACT: Customers will not tolerate seeing pests when they go out to eat! A recent Harris Interactive® survey found that 53 percent of adults who saw a bug in a restaurant would avoid that restaurant in the future and 27 percent would both avoid the entire restaurant chain and tell friends and family to do so as well. When asked what reasons would cause them to not return to a specific restaurant, 77 percent responded that any bug sighting would be cause enough, and almost half (46 percent) said that even if they heard that a friend or family member “saw a bug,” they would not patronize the restaurant.

At Leaf, we recognize that pests can directly affect the bottom line of many businesses. Not only that, but they can also lead to lower employee morale, loss of foodstuffs and equipment damage.

That is why Leaf’s technicians receive 20 hours of formal Commercial Pest Control classroom training and continuous on-the-job training and must obtain a minimum 80% test grade average.

Leaf Pest Control has the experience, knowledge and expertise to solve even the toughest pest problem in restaurants and food and beverage facilities while complying fully with all laws and legal requirements. Leaf’s pest management program consists of six integrated segments:

1. Inspection - Leaf will thoroughly inspect all areas of the facility, interviewing unit management and staff. This inspection is designed to:

  • Identify past and current pest problems and related damage/contamination issues
  • Identify conditions that are or may be contributing or conducive to pest problems, including incoming foodstuffs and beverages and storage practices
  • Evaluate housekeeping, sanitation and structural maintenance practices which may contribute to pest infestations, including floor drain and equipment sanitation

2. Pest Identification – Only by correctly identifying pests can their habits and biology be known and used to eliminate them. This is critical and key in the design of an effective pest management program.

3. Program Application – Leaf utilizes an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to pest control. This approach emphasizes non-chemical methods of control such as pest exclusion, trapping, sanitation, monitoring and maintenance before consideration of chemical controls. When chemical control is applicable and required, low impact measures such insect growth regulators (these interrupt the insect’s growth cycle) and baits are considered first. Leaf applies these materials into cracks, crevices and void areas where pests live and breed. This helps to ensure that maximum control is achieved while emphasizing safety, through reduced exposure to food, food-handling surfaces and people, and avoiding contamination of foods and prep equipment.

4. Program Evaluation – For a pest management program to continue to succeed, it must continually adjust and evolve to match the dynamic nature of a restaurant’s needs. Leaf’s Technicians are adept at eliminating current pest problems and establishing proactive tools for continually monitoring and adjusting the program based on those tools and management’s input.

5. Communication – Teamwork between Leaf and facility management is the key to a successful pest management program. That is why Leaf’s program provides communication tools such as Pest Sighting Logs, Sanitation Reports, Site Environment Reports, Service Reports, Rodent Device Status Reports and others. But Leaf also believes in face-to-face communication with management and staff for their input on program adjustments.

6. Quality Assurance – Leaf is committed to quality and customer satisfaction. Our Quality Assurance team is always on call to meet the changing needs of dynamic facilities. Team members can help evaluate sanitation, production and structural maintenance processes relating to pest management.

Leaf offers one of the strongest guarantees in the industry. Customer satisfaction is assured by our money-back guarantee!